The Three Cornerstones of a Golf-Specific Workout Plan

Professional golfers at the highest level are increasingly aware that it takes more than just a solid swing to succeed on the PGA Tour. What this means is knowing how various aspects of their physical and mental makeup affect their overall performance. Implementing these three essentials into your current fitness routine will give you a significant advantage in your next match.

Golf-specific advice: ditch the old-school machines at the gym that just work one muscle group at a time without making you use any stabilising muscles at all. Put your body through its paces in a more realistic context by combining traditional and modern fitness tools. You can use traditional dumbbells, cable machines, fitness balls, medicine balls, balance discs, and even your own bodyweight to get in shape.

Strengthen Your Core: Efficient motion yields effective force. Golfers need trunk and core stability and endurance because they maintain an athletic posture for long periods of time. Strengthening and conditioning the abdominal muscles not only provides a stable foundation for rotation, but also ensures that power is transferred efficiently throughout the body.

Exercise in a Number of Different Ways: A golf fitness programme will incorporate different ways of moving into your weekly strength routine. Exercises can be broken down into three categories, based on the direction of motion: frontal, lateral, and rotational. Multidirectional lunges and medicine ball wood chops are two excellent examples.