Reasons Why You Should Study Music Theory

Read on for 5 arguments against the common belief that studying music theory is unnecessary for developing one’s musical skills.

To be able to perform from any sheet music published for a given instrument. While the game may be challenging to play, at least the book is readable!

2.Be able to transpose: Let’s say you’ve learned to read sheet music and are playing along with a piece, but you feel like the pitch is off. The good news is that you can transpose it to a new key and sing it more effectively.

  1. Modulate: You’ll be able to shift your music into a new key with a series of notes that is so easy on the ears that your audience can’t help but smile.

Fourth, you’ll become better at improvising, need I say more?

5.Because of your familiarity with music theory, you’ll be able to imitate the sounds of your favourite songs more accurately. Those fantastic progressions in chords. The elements that define a song’s style. The Gospel, Contemporary Music, etc.

You don’t have to be a music theory expert to gain some understanding of the subject. Get a grasp on the fundamentals. Jumpstart your musical abilities by purchasing a high-quality music theory book and devoting a small portion of your day to reading and practising the material within it.